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School for Vegetables project

A lot of local people have probably already heard of Green City Action, a local award winning environmental charity. We’ve been delivering community environmental improvement projects in Burngreave for 15 years. If your children goes to a local school they’ve probably taken part in our School for Vegetables project where children have visited our community allotment at Grimesthorpe allotments and learned food growing skills. “The children learnt what an allotment was and what it is used for. They learnt about what they could grow in their own homes to make them more sustainable.” St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

The project has been for adults as well as children. We have trained people in growing fruit and vegetables as well as supporting 23 people in local good growing activities. Some people have even shared their garden/allotment, helping their neighbours to grow food. We would like to thank our volunteers who have assisted in maintaining the community allotment and making it a great educational resource. School for Vegetables has been greatly appreciated by those volunteers: “I’ve done a lot of building work on site …My involvement is a real source of relaxation and gives me a focus as I reach the end of my working life, that allows be to be constructive and productive whilst not responsible for anything” Schools for Vegetables volunteer

At Green City Action we are currently planning for the future and looking to develop food growing projects to meet further community needs. Our discussions with new and existing partners, volunteers, Trustees and local people have confirmed the need to tackle food poverty and health inequalities through a family approach and local community group empowerment. We are calling this project ‘Good Food for All’. We are in process of trying to get funding to do this. Last year we relaunched our Tool Bank service. People and organisations in S3, S4 and S5 can borrow tools and equipment for £1-£15 Thurs-Sat or Sat-Thurs. We provide tools for DIY as well as car, bike and garden maintenance including growing your own food. So far we’ve lent out over 100 tools and we’ve planned a series of DIY and gardening workshops in Burngreave.

School for Vegetables

We offer practical experience on all aspects of organic vegetable and fruit growing to new gardeners by working with us in a friendly informal setting on our beautiful plots at Grimesthorpe Allotments.

Benefits include:

  • working with experienced gardeners

  • tools and equipment included

  • your own share of the produce

  • help with sourcing manure, fertilisers and seeds

  • free refreshments

Sessions are usually on Thursday mornings 10AM – 1PM

To find out more please visit SfV wordpress link call us on: 0114 2440353 or email:

School for Vegetables is on plots 3 and 4 of Grimesthorpe Allotment, Grimesthorpe Road, Burngreave, S4 8LE. The Grimesthorpe Allotment entrance is opposite Torbay Road, also accessible on foot from the corner of Osgathorpe Road and Ellesmere Road North.

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Working with Fir Vale Food Bank

Green City Action wants to work with individuals and families in poverty and enable them to tackle food poverty, health inequalities, social cohesion and enable progression/personal development by: successfully growing food at home, shared gardens/allotments or community sites, increasing educational attainment, knowledge and skills, improving healthy lifestyles through engaging, learning and practising seasonal growing and cooking at community sites, engaging and enabling people from different cultures to celebrate together to share learning in growing, harvesting and cooking.

Thanks to a grant from the Tudor Trust this has enabled us to build relationships with users from the Fir Vale Food Bank and also other family groups who have a need and willingness to improve skills, reduce isolation, overcome language barriers and engage with family training sessions for collective learning.

We believe that growing and cooking your own food is a genuine solution and provides health benefits, new skills and empowerment.

You can find us at the Fir Vale Food Bank every other week giving out advice on food growing, undertaking cook and eat sessions or running workshops about growing your own food.

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